„Mr Metzler is an extremely highly qualified lecturer with outstanding teaching skills, who combines excellent didactic capabilities and sound specialist knowledge with exceptional commitment. All the participants are delighted..“
(Edgar Stache, IfA, 21.09.1989)

„I knew about teamwork before the course. I had also already heard something about team spirit, but I really experienced it during the training. I feel great, it was fantastic. Mr Metzler did a tremendous job.“
(Günter Wüllner, Brau und Brunnen, Sept. 1995)

„The best training I’ve ever experienced. Super preparation for the value adjustment talks. You are a real godsend.“
(Jörg Neidel, NWD, Sept. 2004)

„Your company-specific practical tests achieve all-round learning success. Particularly your extremely professional preparation and the very high quality of your training content offer an optimum basis for highly effective results. You are worth appreciably more than we pay you.“
(Wolfgang Müller, C. KREUL, August 2006)

„The mix of training forms and your personal commitment were impressive. I have never attended a better event and this was due entirely to you and your performance.“(Jörg Pitton, item Industrietechnik, Juli 2006)

„It was perfect, better than excellent. The best training I’ve ever experienced. There are only very few trainers of this standard. Thank you!“ (Michael Gold, SIEMENS, Juli 2009)

„The outstanding features were the above-average expertise of the trainer Chris Metzler and the practical orientation of the training. The great affinity with real practical examples also makes the training interesting for other departments.“ (Damian Seibert, Coca-Cola, Okt. 2009)

„Brilliant the way you pick up everyone at their own level and then inspire them. Super! The great practical relevance has highly motivated our KAMs and boosted their self-confidence.“ (Dr. Achim Momm Freixenet, Sept. 2009)

„The clear and useful tools are very impressive and can be put into practice immediately. You can certainly use my name as an active reference.“ (Charles Quensel, MRI, April 2008)

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